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Prepare to Succeed

 Prepare to Succeed


One thing I have learned on this journey is;  Preparation is the key to success!  The first step is to understand how hCG works and what being on the protocol requires.  Hopefully you have read What is the hCG Protocol?hCG and the Low Calorie Diet and Stabilize and Maintain, so that you really understand the protocol as Dr. Simeons wrote it.  If not, please go back and do that now!

So, you know what it takes, and you are ready to begin the most effective weight loss program of your life?  Then here's a list of what you need to do to prepare...


1) Order your hCG - It usually takes 1-3 weeks to receive your hCG, depending on what company you order from, and what shipping option you choose.  Go to Order hCG, for more information and to place your order.


2)  Order your kit - If you have decided to do injections (which I recommend) then order the kit based on the length of your course from Dosing Kits.  If you have any reservations about the injections, please Email Us with questions and concerns.  If you have decided to go the sub-lingual route, then that information can be found at hCG and the Low Calorie Diet under The Sub-lingual hCG Option section.


3)  Decide what other supplies you need in order to begin.  i.e. a food scale, a bathroom scale, a portable scale for traveling, a small cooler for meals on the go, etc.  Order some of these things at The Shoppe.


4)  Look in your bathroom and see what soap, shampoo/conditioner, aftershave, lotion, deodorant and make-up will need to be replaced with options that have absolutely no oils.  Check out Preferred Products in Amanda's Corner, for personal product options and where to find them. Start a list for your Initial Shopping Trip.


5) Initial Shopping Trip - On an initial shopping trip, you will want to purchase anything non perishable and items that will last at least 1-3 weeks, until your hCG arrives.  This will probably be a trip to a grocery store and a trip to a natural foods store.  You will be buying products such as your personal non-oil items from above, herbal teas, non-stick spray for cooking(0 calorie), spices and seasonings (make absolutely sure there is no sugar in the ingredients!!!), vinegar, stevia or splenda.  See Preferred Products.  (For a more complete "Shopping List" you can order the hCG Basics Guide, or order the "Shopping List" page separately on the hCG Basics Supplies page.)


6)  Get rid of non protocol food items from your pantry!  If you have family that will continue to eat things you can't, move them to a cabinet that you don't use daily and have them help themselves.  You will find that after the first week- 10 days, it won't bother you to be around these foods.


7) Last minute shopping and planning - This should be done a day or two before you begin injections and the 2 days of "Forced Feeding" or "Loading"  You should be able to track your hCG shipment and know when it will arrive, so that you can plan the timing of this step.

a)  Forced Feeding - Buy or plan meals out, that follow the guidelines in "Pounds & Inches" for the 2 days of "eating to capacity".  This is so important, so plan and eat well!  (Find more information on Forced Feeding at hCG and the Low Calorie Diet)  Remember, these two days are also your first two days of hCG injections.

b) The Low Calorie Diet - You will want to make sure that you are prepared for the first few days of the low calorie diet, otherwise you will look for something else to eat!  Remember....Be Prepared!  Buy fresh produce and meat, frozen vegetables and meat and other food items that are specified by Dr. Simeons in the 500 calorie per day menu.  (Find this menu in "Pounds & Inches" or at hCG and the Low Calorie Diet)


8) Prepare and weigh your protein - During the 2 days of Forced Feeding is a great time to get this done.  Use your food scale and weigh out and package your protein into snack size ziplocks, and put into the fridge or freezer.  This can be done weekly, or you can freeze all your meats ahead of time.  It is a small enough portion that it thaws very quickly.


9) After you receive your hCG, the night before you start injections and Forced Feeding, mix your first batch of hCG.  (Watch my video with directions for mixing HERE)  Make sure that you store your mixed hCG in the fridge, somewhere it won't tip.  It's a good idea to put tin foil around the bottle.  (Some have suggested that the light in the fridge lessens the potency of the hCG faster)  Find a good safe place, away from children, to store your dosing supplies)


Congratulations on starting your journey.  

You are now prepared to succeed!