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Sublingual hCG

Sublingual hCG

WHY SUBLINGUAL?  For those who are concerned about needles and do not want to dose hCG via injections, there is an oral or "sublingual" option.  You will need more hCG than with injections, since less hCG is absorbed into your system, with this method.  My new dosing kit for sublingual hCG is premixed with everything you will need except the hCG.  You must buy your hCG separately.  It won't get much easier than this.  Each kit contains 2 or 3 separate glass vials of premixed diluent for your hCG.  It also has a mixing syringe and a dosing syringe.  The 26 day kit will contain 2 vials and require you to buy 2 vials of hCG.  The 43 day kit  will contain 3 vials and will require you to buy 3 vials of hCG.  After you dilute one vial of hCG with a vial of the sublingual mixture you are ready to start!  You will hold .4 cc/ml of the hCG mixture under your tongue, morning and night for 10-15 minutes before swallowing it.  I have put a lot of thought and research into putting the best ingredients together for optimal hCG absorption and preserving properties so that your hCG keeps its potency and can work to the best of its ability.  

You will need to order THREE 5,000 IU vials of hCG for a 43 day course, or 2 vials for a 26 day course.  I actually recommend everyone buy a 3 pack, since there is a decent savings on a 3 pack, versus buying them individually.  The hCG has a 2 year shelf life before being mixed, so you can save the third vial if you don't need it, and it saves you from spending another $19 for shipping, if you decide you should have bought more.  Follow the link below for special pricing offered for 3 vials of 5,000 IU hCG.  Just order a quantity of (1) through this link, per person for each round.  The product will say 3 amp inj.  That means that you will receive 3 vials of 5,000 IU hCG with that one order.



The hCG will take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.  Our Sublingual Dosing Kits are now available for purchase on our Sublingual Dosing Kits page.  So, get your hCG ordered and then buy your Sublingual Dosing Kit.  (Our Dosing Kits are shipped out USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail)

Directions for using our Sublingual Dosing Kits:

Each sublingual kit has 2 or 3 glass vials with a black screw top.  Be careful when they are opened, so that you don’t spill the contents.  These vials should all be stored in the fridge as soon as you receive them, before and after mixing the hCG.  There is a small check box on each vial where you can check off when you have mixed in the hCG, so you don't get them confused with an unmixed vial. 

 When you are ready to start your first loading day, mix your first vial.  Remove the top of your first vial of hCG and clean the top with an alcohol swab.  Take your mixing syringe and draw out about 1 ml of the liquid from the blue glass vial.  Add that to the vial of hCG to reconstitute it.  Roll the hCG vial  in between your hands - don't shake hard.  Then draw that reconstituted hCG out and add back into the  glass vial of sublingual mix.  Screw on the lid, shake well, then repeat the step again, just to make sure all the hCG is removed. 

After your sublingual mixture contains hCG, you will begin to use that vial on the first loading day.  Remember, just like with the injections, don't mix another vial of hCG until your first vial is used.  The sublingual vial will last 15 days, then you will have to mix the second...then third when the second runs out.  Make sure it is kept in the fridge.  Then each day, morning and night; shake vial well before opening.  Then take the small measuring syringe (without the needle) and draw up .4 ml.  Put that under your tongue and hold there for 10-15 minutes, then swallow.  Don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes before and after this.

Everything else is the same as with injections!  Good luck and please let me know if you have any questions!