hCG Basics
Guiding You Through the hCG Weight Loss Experience and Beyond
My Preferred Products

I found several products to be helpful during the Protocol, including Miracle Noodles.  You can buy those by clicking on the add above.  I have taken some of the guess work out of it for you, by listing some of the other items here.  I have tried to include photos to make it easier to spot them at the store. Some of the products have a link to purchase that item on line, when it is a better price, or difficult to find elsewhere.

 HCG Shake

I am thrilled to introduce HCG Shake; a meal replacement shake!  It's a great tasting chocolate shake that you can have while on hCG and the 500 calorie diet.  It's also great during maintenance.  This shake is perfect for those of you that really struggle with no breakfast.  It's an easy way to have an HCG approved meal on the go.  One shake only has 127 calories and zero sugar.  I tried it on my last round and loved the flavor and how easy it was to blend and go.  I preferred it blended with a little ice.  I will be offering this shake for sale directly from my site in another month or so, but didn't want you to miss out on getting it now!  So, click on the picture of the shake above and go to their site to place your order! You can also use any device and go to www.hcgshake.com and use Coupon Code "hcgbasics" to receive 10% off EVERY order!




Walden Farms Dressings are great for a salad on the 500 calorie diet, and for maintenance!  YES, you can use this product while on the 500 calorie diet and hCG!  They don't taste exactly like the real thing, but they are a great substitute.  They have no calories, no sugar, no fat and no preservatives.  They come in all different flavors.  Blue Cheese tastes great with my sugar free taco seasoning, to make a taco salad! Click on the picture or use this link to purchase them:  Walden Farms


Sweeteners - Altern is Walmart's brand of Splenda.  Only Sweet is a store brand (Smith's) of Stevia.  Stevia is the preferred sweetener, but it sometimes difficult to find.  In it's purest form, it is a liquid and usually only found at a health food store.  Be careful of powdered versions that contain fillers.  I used Splenda/Altern with no problem.


Vinegar - Apple Cider vinegar has long been known to have great health benefits. It can cause damage to your esophagus if you drink it undiluted -so add water!  Both white and cider vinegar make great dressings for salad, just by adding some herbs, lemon juice and sweetener.  Be creative!

lemon juice

Adding lemon juice and lime juice are a great way to give some flavor to your meats, to make dressing for salad, and to spruce up your water.   


Most mustards do not contain sugar!  French's has no calories, no sugar and is only made with spices that are listed in Pounds & Inches as approved for the 500 calorie diet.  Heinz now has a "reduced Sugar" ketchup.  Upon examining the ingredients, I saw that the only sugar was from the tomatoes!  And tomatoes are okay to eat while on hCG.  It does contain sucrolose or splenda which is also fine.

soy sauce

Kikkoman has a less sodium brand of soy sauce that also has only 10 calories per tablespoon.  Heinz Worcestershire sauce has zero sugars and zero calories.  These two items are not technically allowed on the 500 calorie diet, but if you were desperate for some different flavors, they are an option.  They are certainly okay for stabilization and maintenance.  


Most non stick sprays, like Pam, have no calories and can be used to cook your meat.  Coconut oil is not listed on Pounds & Inches as being acceptable, however it has been found to have fat releasing benefits.  Give it a try, but be sure to do so with caution and watch for changes in weight if you do!  Both products shown here are from Walmart.


Broccoli is not listed on the protocol.  About half way through, I decided to try it, and continued to lose weight.  It is a nice substitute when asparagus is not in season, or difficult to find or keep fresh.  This is great in a pinch!  I buy the steam-able bags (this one is from Walmart).  Each bag is 2 portions of vegetables on the 500 calorie diet.  My husband and I cook this up and share it.  Half of the bag equals 60 calories.  I suggest sticking only to approved foods for the first 2 weeks, then try this out and make sure that you don't see any weight stalls or gains with it.  I ate it almost everyday with no problem, but everyone is different. 


Tilapia is a great mild white fish, that is completely approved on the 500 calorie diet.  I buy it in a bag or box at the grocery store.  This box is from Walmart, in the frozen seafood case, near meat and produce.  The box has about 16 fillets in it.  Each fillet is individually wrapped and most are right about 3.5 oz, which is the allowed amount of protein per meal.  They thaw quickly and cook very easily on the stove top, or on broil in the oven.  You can season this many ways.  (I am not a seafood eater and I had no problem with this.)

canned tomato

Fresh is always best, but it is good to have some alternatives, in case you didn't get to the store and run out of something.  I buy canned tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.  Any brand is okay, as long as there are no sugars added.  It will show 2 or 3 grams of sugar per serving, because of the sugar naturally in tomatoes, but make sure none is added in the listed ingredients.  This works great if you want to make a pseudo chili sauce or marinara sauce with spices that are allowed, to pour over your meat.

herbal tea

Herbal teas are a great way to get more water in, with some added variety.  There are so many out there, that you can get just about any flavor.

Smooth Move

Traditional Medicinals has some great herbal tea options to treat PMS, Constipation, the common cold, etc.  Unfortunately, constipation seems to be a common issue for hcg'ers.  It can usually be avoided if you are drinking the recommended 2 liters of water per day, but if not Smooth Move tea is a great natural way to get things moving!  The Chocolate has a nice flavor.  You can usually find this at your local health food store.  I am currently researching the best on line place to purchase this product.  If you can't find it - let me know! 

crystal light

I found Crystal Light and similar products to be a great option for a change in beverage.  Most have only 5-10 calories per serving and they are all sugar free.  I especially like the single serving packs, for convenience. 


This is definitely not on the 500 calorie diet list, however if you are desperate and need a "good cheat" than this is it!  It's sugar free and great for a sweet fix.  Sugar Free Jello has very few calories and is great with a little sugar free Cool Whip!  Sugar Free Jello Pudding is also a great treat, but has more calories.  This should be an occasional treat, and only a small portion (4 oz).  It is also great with Sugar Free Cool Whip.  I had these a couple times a week in small amounts and still continued to lose weight!


Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Lotion with SPF 15, is a great moisturizer while on hCG.  You need to stay away from cosmetics that contain any oil, so this is a great option.  I have used a department store moisturizer for years, but after trying this I have switched to it permanently!  It's very light and I love that it has the SPF, so that my skin is protected all the time.