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Complete HCG Drops

Complete HCG Drops


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 Find out why our drops work!

I often get questions from customers asking about “HCG DROPS”.  In an effort to have all options available to my customers, I decided it was time to navigate through the information and products out there.  Many drops you will find over the counter, don't have any hCG in them.  The few that do, contain "homeopathic" hCG.  That means that the hCG in the product is derived from actual hCG and engineered to mimic the original strenth of the product.  The FDA has come out to say that hCG in any strength can not be considered "homeopathic".  However, if you don't want to order hCG from an overseas pharmacy and wait 2-3 weeks for it, or don't have a prescription of your own, you will need to know what to look for to get the best product out there. 

What you need to look for first in a drop, is that it actually has hCG listed in the ingredients.  If you are buying it over the counter, you need to check the strength of the hCG.  When you are dealing with a reputable company that has used a FDA approved lab there are certain requirements in how the show the strength of the hCG.  When it has been diluted and re-engineered, it will have a list of numbers next to the hCG.  You want to have the most hCG possible, so you are looking for the first number to be a 6x.  If the number is higher than that, it means the hCG has been diluted even more and is not the best quality.  *When you see the 6x as the first number after the hCG, you will know the hCG is the strongest it can be if getting it without a prescription.  With that information in hand, I began my search.  My goal was to find a company that produced a quality over-the-counter drop, which still had hCG in a nonprescription strength along with B12 and other helpful amino acids. 

One company stood out to me.  Not only did their drops contain the essential hCG, B12 for added energy and other amino acids which help with fat transfer, but they were just given the highest ranking available by a top consumer review online source.  These drops have been manufactured in an FDA approved facility.  The hCG in these drops are in a nonprescription strength and have been formulated to work just as prescription strength hCG does.  They have an impressive success record.  If you have concerns about getting prescription hCG from overseas, or about giving yourself an injection, this may be the perfect option for you! 


HCG (6x, 12x, 30x, 60x)* see explanation above, Arginine, L-Carnitine, Ornithine, Vitamin B12

I recently switched from injections to these drops, mid course, and have been excited by the results.  I feel just the same as I did on injections and I even had my biggest daily loss, since the first week....2 pounds down!  I lost a total of 8 pounds in the first week on these drops. 

How to use the drops:

You will begin the drops on your first day of gorging.  You will take between 10-20 drops, three times per day, for a total of 30-60 drops per day.  See the Dosing Chart below.  For more information on gorging and the low calorie diet, please click here.  You will gorge on fatty foods for the first two days.  Some people will gorge for 3 days, just to make sure they don't feel hungry the first few days of the low calorie diet.  I believe that is a good strategy.  On the 3rd (or 4th) day, you will begin the 500 calorie diet.  You do not skip any days with the drops, as you would with injections.  Take the drops everyday. 

Three days before changing over to the maintenance portion of this diet, you will stop using the drops.  You continue the low calorie diet for the last three days, without taking the drops.  On the forth day without drops, you will begin Maintenance.  For more information about stabilizing and maintaining, click here.

Dosing Chart for Complete HCG Basics Drops

10 Drops 3 times per day (30 drops total per day) = 125 IUs Daily

12 Drops 3 times per day (36 drops total per day) = 150 IUs Daily

14 Drops 3 times per day (42 drops total per day) = 175 IUs Daily

16 Drops 3 times per day (48 drops total per day) = 200 IUs Daily