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Best Value Dosing Kit

This Dosing Kit contains bulk supplies to go with a 5 pack of hCG.  It has all the supplies needed to mix and dose five vials of 5,000 IU hCG.  (Does not include hCG.  HCG must be purchased separately.)  It can be used or divided several ways.  There are enough supplies in this kit for two 43 day rounds and one 26 day round, or even five 26 day rounds.  It can be used by one person needing to lose 80 pounds, or by several friends. 

The Best Value Dosing Kit contains the last of my unexpired Sodium Chloride Bacteriostatic Water available, which will mix 6 vials of hCG, if you are diluting 5,000 IU hCG with 5 ml water.  It also includes five 5ml sterile mixing vials, five mixing syringe/needles, 130 alcohol pads and 120 diabetic syringes.  You can choose to order the supplies only or to have the Dosing Kit packaged in a reusable plastic storage container.  This kit also includes weight and measurement charts. 

without container $116.00
in a reusable plastic storage container $121.00
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