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Tea and Spices

Coming soon, our own line of Tea and HCG Diet approved Spices and seasonings. 

Discover Our New Custom Tea and Spice Blends

 Add variety to your hCG dieting experience with some of our New Custom Tea and Spice Blends.  Our teas are yummy!  And unlike most spice combinations you will find at the market, our blends DO NOT contain any sugar or fillers.

While on the low calorie diet, I discovered that the limited menu became boring and somewhat tasteless.  I began looking for ways to enhance the flavor of each meal.  Please enjoy our selection, inspired by that search. 

Many of our customers love our Sugar Free Taco Seasoning.  Watch for the new additions.

Sugar Free Taco Seasoning

NOW has NO salt added!  Season 8 individual servings with this packet!  Taco salad on the Low Calorie Diet?  YES, with our very own Sugar Free Taco Seasoning, you can season your meat and enjoy it on lettuce or fresh spinach, as a taco salad.  Use a lettuce leaf as a taco!  This packet is the equivalent of 2 regular taco seasoning packets.  

$4.00 Sale! $3.75