For each 26 day round for injections - one vial of 5,000 IU hCG

For each 43 day round for injections - two vials of 5,000 IU hCG

For each 26 day sublingual round - two vials of 5,000 IU hCG

For each 43 day round sublingual round - three vials of 5,000 IU hCG


BUYING HCG from Reliable RX

With Reliable RX, I recommend a brand of hCG called, ZYhCG.  It is available in a 5,000 IU vial.  The price is better per vial, when you order a 5 pack.  Since shipping is about $20 it is best to order all the HCG you think you will need to get to your goal, at the same time.  Also, if you have friends that are also doing the diet, order together and save on shipping!  This brand has a rubber stopper and you don't have to break an ampoule to get out the hCG.  (Thank you for mentioning that you are a customer of HCG Basics!  It allows me to receive credit for the customers I send to them.)

Reliable RX Pharmacy has updated their website. If you click on their picture above, then look for their fax number in the top right corner of their page.  Below that, you will see "HCG" in black letters.  Click on that.  Then look for the "ZYhCG" in the 5,000 IU strength.  Click on the words "ZYhCG 5,000 i.u.".  Then you can choose your quantity of vials and add to your cart.  Once you place your order, you will receive an order number.  If you have any problems, you can call them. 

Sometimes you can order online using a credit card.  If not, you can call to place your order at 1(213)291-0788.

When you call, give them the following information:

1.  Please let them know you are a customer of HCG Basics

2.  Tell them that you would like to order "ZYhCG" Brand hCG in 5,000 IU vials. 

3.  Tell them how many vials you will need. (you get a better price per vial, when ordering a 3 or 5 pack)

When I ordered from Escrow Refills last, I received the hCG in exactly two weeks.  It was very easy to order and easy to track what is going on with your order.  Their prices are a little higher, but I have an invitation code you can use towards your first purchase.  With this company, I recommend the brand called Ovidac or Pregnyl.  You will need to buy 5,000 IU vials.  It is listed as "HCG PREGNYL 5000 I.U."   Choose one that is listed as 5,000 IU VIAL (not ampoule) They come in vials with a rubber top and is very easy to mix.  The more vials you order at one time, the better price per vial you are getting.  Go to EscrowRefills and use Invitation Code; CID292986 and you will receive $30 off your first orderBecause of the discount available only on the first order, it may be more cost effective to order from Reliable RX on your subsequent orders.
More details about ordering options

Best Value

  • Order a 5 pack of hCG and the Best Value Dosing Kit.  This Dosing Kit option gives you enough supplies to mix and dose five vials of 5,000 IU hCG.  You can divide this many ways, for several rounds for an individual or with friends.  For example, it is enough supplies for two 43 day rounds and one 26 day round, or enough for five 26 day rounds. Dosing Kit does NOT include hCG.  That must be ordered sepatately.

For each 26 day course (23 injections) 

  • ONE 5,000 IU vial of hCG is enough for any dose (125 IUs-200 IUs) per person, for each 26 day course (Order Dosing Kit #1).  
  • If two people are ordering hCG together for a 26 day course on any dose 125 IUs - 200 IUs, or if one person is ordering ahead for two 26 day courses, you will need to order TWO 5,000 IU vials of hCG (Order Dosing Kit #2).


For each 43 day course (40 injections)

  • TWO 5,000 IU vials of hCG is enough for any dose 125 IUs-200 IUs per person, for each 43 day course (Order Dosing Kit #3).  

*(If you are doing the 43 day course, with a dose of 125 IUs, you will need exactly 5,000 IUs.  However, since you will need to remix after 30 days, to avoid your hCG mixture losing it's potency, you still need to order two 5,000 IU vials of hCG.) see Hint #1 below


43 day course, for one person planning 2 courses, or for 2 people mixing and dosing hCG together

Ordering hCG for all of your anticipated courses you will need, or with a friend or family member is a great way to save on shipping.  Often you will need less hCG when you order with another person mixing and dosing together at the same time, than 2 people ordering seperately.  

  • Two people ordering, mixing and dosing together, both on a daily dose of 125 IUs-175 IUs - Order Three 5,000 IU vials of hCG (Order Dosing Kit #4)
  • One person on a daily dose of 125 IUs-175 IUs, ordering for 2 courses  - Order FOUR 5,000 IU vials of hCG, so that you have fresh vials of hCG for each round (Order Dosing Kit #5
  • Two people ordering, mixing and dosing together, both on a daily dose of 200 IUs - Order FOUR 5,000 IU vials of hCG (Order Dosing Kit #5)

About Escrow Refills:  We are just refering this company for the first time.  It is the only one we have found, besides Reliable RX, that will ship hCG to the US.  If you have any questions about your order, you can contact them directly via phone or email.  I do not have access to information about your hCG order.  See Hints below for more information about hCG. 

Hint #1 -Once hCG is mixed for injections, it begins to lose it's potency after 25-30 days. If you continue to use hCG after this happens, you may begin to get very hungry and weight loss may slow or stop.  To avoid that, hCG should be ordered in 5,000 IU increments, and a new batch should be mixed before it gets too old.  If you are doing the 43 day course, with a dose of 125 IUs, you will need exactly 5,000 IUs.  However, since you will need to remix after 30 days, you still need to order two 5,000 IU vials of hCG.  Any higher dose than 125 would require 2 vials anyway.

Hint #2- The hCG ships internationally and therefore shipping charges are about $20-25.  

Hint #3 - When ordering, you will not need a prescription for the international pharmacy.  With Reliable RX Pharmacy, there is an optional health history.  If you order from Escrow Refills and you do not have a prescription, you will have to fill out a health history for their doctor to review.  There is an additional charge of $4.99 for that.  If you have any questions about ordering, please email me.  


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