Getting Started

When I decided to start a blog to accompany my website, hCG Basics, I figured it would be all about dieting with hCG.   As I was making changes to the new web design and adding other social media links, I was also starting another round of hCG, to kick start my own weight loss again.  Being more focused on my own journey to a healthier me, has reminded me that there are so many facets of our lives that affect our ability to focus on ourselves, just enough to progress in our goals.  I guess what I am saying is that it isn’t only about what you are physically doing or not doing.  You have to look inward for the motivation to succeed as well as looking for ways to make adjustments in your surroundings, that will support your new behaviors and goals.

Because I am a parent, a  spouse, a business owner,  and many other things, those parts of my life must be aligned enough to allow me to accomplish what I am setting out to do.  That is when it hit me, that this blog needs to be about more than just hCG and my journey.  It needs to encompass other aspects of who I am and daily life.  And so although the primary purpose of this blog is to add another level of support and resources for those of you losing weight with hCG, I hope to include some of the other aspects of life that ultimately affects our ability to accomplish our weight loss goals.

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